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Natasha Peterson,
Founding Member and CEO


Natasha Peterson is the founder and hands on CEO of the non-profit organization Aidan'z House which helps to empower families with children who have Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities by promoting healthy living, advocating for inclusion, and accessibility in our community. Aidan’z House has gifted toys, clothes, and new shoes to 1,170 children and 220 families in under-resourced communities of Los Angeles. To foster a healthy relationship between marginalized families of children with disabilities and service providers, Aidan’z House continues to work with community partners providing schools with educational supplies, uniforms, personal protective equipment, and sporting equipment for their Special Education classrooms. Aidan’z House is responding to housing, social, and education disparities with Whole Heart Closet, the “Shop with The Cop '' holiday event in association with the Inglewood Police Department, as well as Aidan’z House Annual Holiday Giveaway event.


As an African American/Black single mother from Los Angeles, Natasha again saw a need in the community that was not being met and created The Emotional Wealth Initiative which will empower thirty single mothers, through fiscal education. The program is enriched with lectures, workshops, day care, and one-to-one professional services to all participants. It will help these women develop not only a clear understanding of their families’ finances but will also help them become financially prepared for unforeseen circumstances. The EWI will tackle disparities in wealth not only helping individual families but in marginalized in communities.


Natasha has done important work in the fields of health, special education, special needs advocacy, housing, non-profit mentoring, and finance. She spent six years as a Lead Accounts Receivable Specialist and HIV/AIDS Testing counselor, training over fifty pharmacies in billing, policy procedures, audits, and client services.  Through her efforts she was able to generate five million dollars in government funding. She has served as a board member on foundations focused on special needs as well as being a guest speaker for several symposiums including most recently Speech, Language and Learning Intervention Symposium 2022. She is one of the founding members of the financial group, Wise Women of Wealth, Inc. As her work continues to focus on community outreach, Natasha is a member of the Los Angeles South Chamber of Commerce (LASCC).  With all her accomplishments and titles, Natasha’s most inspiring role is as mother to Marcel and Aidan.

"Family first and everything will follow." - Natasha Peterson

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